I think each of us is akin to a Synapse, there being a stream of light energy coursing thru us, from below and thru to above, allowing the higher “god” consciousnesses to experience, learn, think thru us, as an infinite eternal consciousness. Sort of like a hive mind. As individuals, or “Receptors”, we have the ability to gain strength (information) at a pace of our own choosing… propelling us or withdrawing us in terms of moving up the pyramid of evolution/thought/consciousness/enlightenment… moving to higher or lower dimensions after this experience. IMO The world is being manipulated by external forces to cause mankind to move into a lower frequency or consciousness. Those that resist and insist on learning the truth are “outcasts” cuz they dont conform to the collective policies that engender the ultimate destruction of man’s free will and upward mobility in this life and beyond…. or simply, a war on Happiness.


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