you understand that Trump is given Orders.. yes? You understand? Everything he will do is either an Order or a Choice from above him. The Hidden Hand put him there (just as it allowed Masons a trip to the moon)… for the purpose of breathing some false hope back into Americka for things to come. Allowing Americka a moment of negligible prosperity… a micro-hair “feeling” [illusion] of freedom. If you have bought into the Bible/Koran hook line an sinker, and have read NO OTHER ancient writing, because you feel it “is the only truth” whilst there are tons more ancient materials than Abraham/Muhammed “received” you are handicapping your self… its too funny that Muslims/Christians have such closed minds….. at their Own Peril.  Get yer head out of the Vatican propaganda sand box and LEARN about this World… Know Thy Enemy…. rather than be his cannon fodder. Stop being children. Grow Up. Be a Man. How do you defeat Your Enemy if you are his slave?  OR, you are his devout servant… broadcasting the nonsense …. shaping the minds of the weak by insisting the Bible/Koran is the only book one should read. Yer worshiping a book !!! and probably don’t even know who created it!!! When your meat suit dies, you will be confronted with a CHOICE…. do you think in that infinite expanse you experience after death here, the “powers” out there will tell you that “Every Thing” is in the book?  Wake Up.


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