A)   U.S. Presidential Elections are such an absurd farce, an insult upon intelligence, a thoroughly controlled circus act to keep mindless masses enthralled in meaningless drivel.

B)   A close study of U.S.A and U.S. since 1700 reveal that things ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM and President has NO BEARING ON YOUR LIFE, unless you choose it.

C)   The violence, rioting, calls for Assassination of Trump from the the obviously Anti-American, Pro-Communist left progressive democrats will prove to be in VAIN as we will all soon see that Trump will not be much different than his predecessors, already fixin to appoint CAREER LIZARD POLITICIANS, BANKSTERS and CORPORATE SCUM to all the Hundreds of Thousands 0f offices of the land.

These [staged and well-funded] protestors Should See they already have what they thought they lost… Trump wasted no time to praise his opponent he repeatedly campaigned to be Jailed, praised the skinny lizard Obama, whom he repeatedly campaigned was an incompetent idiot… and finally, offered Jamie Dimon [Demon] CEO of JPMorgan Chase, the position of Treasury Secretary…. the leader of the worst, most dishonest banks of all time… found guilty of several Felonies, to have FULL ACCESS to the US Treasury.

IF THIS IS NOT PROOF that USA (or US, depending on context) has become a total FARCE, then YOU will Never see it.




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