imo, Lucifer and Christ represent 2 conditions or states that a primitive 2016 man, generally,, can not grasp.
 the 2 can not exist without the other. Lucifer is not (d)evil or satan.  Everything espoused by govt, tv, papers, church, mainstream reading….  is likely a lie or some form thereof.  Light can be used for good or evil, same with Dark. There is a fabric permeating everything that, under the right circumstances, one can see it, access it more knowingly, and even conquer death as we know it.
from what I know now, I will most likely Avoid ‘the light’ upon death of this meatsuit.
imo, moon is not much different than Star Wars death star… it was built, placed here so Life as we perceive it can exist… from single cell things. plants, animals, man, tides, seasons, etc etc… moon probably does more than we can comprehend. biblical understanding of ‘God’ is so primitive…. 99% do not have any idea about the Real truth or reality of our existence. when One can begin to grasp it, I think it sort of sets One free, even though One is still subject to/of this prison planet…. THEY can abuse, terrorize, intimidate, beat, kill, jail us all they please, it doesn’t change the Truth…. and as They do it, They push themselves deeper into the Abyss, and hopefully inspire Us to Awake, and see Reality for what it Really is, subsequently pushing us further out of the Aybss

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