Hebrew (especially paleo-hebrew) and Arabic are GREEK on origin…. and ultimately, English and French are creations for the purpose of CONTROL through RELIGION… Romans 13. I rest my case.

Read “HEBREW IS GREEK” by the jewish Joseph Yahuda… which you can purchase for a mere $2000.00 off Amazon.

Now, why would a bible cost $5, and this book cost $2,000.00 ???

Because Greeks discovered IN EGYPT, the TRUTH of Man, Creation, Universe, and Beyond…. conquered Egypt, Buried the Truth, established the Bible. Rome took it, and the rest is mindless, subjugated, slave history. THE WORLD is run by Rome using the Greek Bible, whilst the Elite .00001% know the TRUTH, which is Not the bible, and control the planet using Fear thru Fairy tales.

You are HOSTAGES of a psychopath elite. YOU ARE NOT FREE.

Torah     then

Bible       then

Koran      then

3 World Wars     then


game over


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