there are 2 basic Principles in operation on this planet.

  1. Leave me alone. I don’t care what You do. If my actions Do No Harm,  please don’t interfere with Me.
  2. You Must do as I say. I Must dictate Your behavior. Your life Must be regulated. You Must submit to My ideas and orders.


Principle 1 is Virtue, Free Independent Thought and Self-Determination.

Principle 2 is mindless Totalitarian Dictator control, “tell me what to do.”

*dictators can be single, or a Senate…. Subjugation is Subjugation.

Perhaps, Principle 1 is the New Testament, Principle 2 is the Old Testament.

or Maybe Not.

Perhaps 1 is Upstate New York, 2 is New York City… or Maybe Not.

Perhaps 1 is Vermont, 2 is New York… or Maybe Not.

Perhaps 1 is Nordic-Scandinavian nations, 2 is USA, China, Congo..  Maybe Not.

Perhaps 2 is an Ancient Babylonian mind control…. 1 is breaking the Control.

or 1 is Good and Decent;  2 is Rotten and Evil…. or not.

USA houses 25% of Earth’s prisoners, yet is only 4.5% of Earth’s population.

New York houses the Most corrupt government servants in USA.

Perhaps New York is one of the WORST institutions on Earth.

New York ‘Empire state’ born out of British Empire, created by Roman Empire, spun off of Babylonian Empire….

New York is an Ancient tax slave system of Control and Subjugation.






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