“God” is a title like ‘President’

God is probably an etheric “fabric” that connects and flows thru everything, and until One comprehends it, he is destined to repeat or be stuck in this dimension. It may be as simple as the invisible thing – Love. You cant see, touch, smell, taste, hear it, but it is Something that most people are likely to experience or at least “know” about.

As Above So Below

ALL that Is Was and Will ever Be

Modern Western culture is all designed to Divert a ma

n from encountering, let alone understanding any of this stuff…. therefore, Man will be constantly repeating “life” on this ball of dirt…

Man is a crop, cultivated to nourish ‘darkness’ – IGNORANCE… an opposing Ether of Knowledge / Love

consider for a moment, the word OF.

Of Something means By something, or Created by something.
Of the World may mean going about, being, OF something within this world
what is this world? It is controlled by not-so-good beings. it consists of not-so-good things which promote sin.
Worldly. Something of this world, may be something of Satan, or Something of Man  ?? Not OF Christ

In my journey to learn EVERYTHING

I find man interesting things.

One thing i have been searching for years, is how to NOT BE OF this world. First, accept Christ…..
I then, have concluded, based on my study of Worldly Law, U.S. “laws” (codes and statutes)…….

That we all become of this world at around Birth, and unbeknownst to us, proceed to BE OF this world our entire lives, while thinking we are not because of implanted perception and [willful or unintentional] ignorance.

Satan (thru Man) has created this thing we call U.S. GOVERNMENT. It is a corporation owned by foreign bankers.
United States of America has not functioned since about 1962, with a gradual shutdown since 1913.

US of A  is a house where nobody is home.

This U.S. GOVERNMENT created SOCIAL SECURITY, at birth you’re assinged a NUMBER and a NAME to use (the name matches the one your parents give you, aside from slight grammatic alteration)… Your parents re lease you to this Worldy Entity… parents giving children away to the Beast, “willingly”  (You do not own the number or name on card, it is property of US Treasury)

This SS Account is an Irrevocable Trust. It is not activated until the recipient activates it with a Signature Act, like getting your “working papers” or DRIVER License….. then we proceed to attach that SS Trust Account to everything we do, (besides bedroom and bathroom stuff)…. Loans, credit cards, utility bills, bank accts, etc etc etc.

According to World Law… You, the living BEing, are giving Life and Substance to the mini corporation named after You, and Numbered. According to World Law, You are BEing this artificial fiction, the SS Account (cardholder). The SS Account is owned by SS, U.S. Treasury, in turn, the IMF and Gangster Global Bankers (Satan)….

SO…. every time we leave Home, we all go around doing everything in the name of this Trust account owned by Satan. Giving this fiction (non Truth) life, substance and some semblence of “reality”

According to World Law, everything you “buy” using Federal Reserve Notes, a credit card, a loan, a bank acct…. is ultimately owned by The SS Trust Account, owned by SS, U.S. Treasury, in turn, the IMF and Gangster Global Bankers (Satan)

So, from what i understand, giving that SS Number Life, by using it…. means we are OF this world, as we are not doing these things as man. We are using CHANGED MONEY…. the money has been changed, it isnt even money anymore. it is a fiction created by U.S. Treasury, in turn, the IMF and Gangster Global Bankers (Satan). (negotiable instrument)

When you go to traffic court and judge says “are you Bethany Fritz” and you say “yes” …..  According to Canon Law, he now has the right to execute you….. i’m serious. that is true. THEY presume you admit to being the SS fiction, and since it is govt property, they can do as they please with it. Now, ,most judges dont know this, cuz they’re ignorant as HELL, that is why I am persecuted, but yet, free to not be in jail or beheaded, …..yet

REVELATIONS 13:17   “And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.”

So…. Stop using that SS Number !!!!!!   NOW !!!!!!   That sounds “impossible” ……  but its easier than building pyramids, bridges, stargates, space shuttles, war machines, propaganda, etc….  IMO, Satan creates the illusion, deception, perception, that it is so IMPOSSIBLE to not usew the number, that MOST simply sur render. (look up render)


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