MAN is a Crop… cultivated by THEM…. nearly EvErYtHiNg we discuss is fodder, based on fodder, created by THEM for the purpose of obfuscating reality… that MAN Is a Crop…… cultivated to nourish THEM


All the govts on earth are one degree different from the next, not varying more than a few tiny degrees… all just a negligibly differing shade of the same dark color. 200 shades of gray. USA CHINA RUSSIA INDIA UK EU BRAZIL etc etc etc…. all the leaders answer to the same tiny group of miscreants…. putting on a Big show for the mindless masses to gobble up, as if all the crap we see at WWW or TV is true…. Each nation is really just a State Farm, with a Manager controlling their herd for the invisible powers and principalities. USA claims to be a republic, so does China, so does Congo… REPUBLIC is nothing special… The World Govt is essentially a joint operation of BANK & RELIGION. WWW = hebrew Vav Vav Vav = 666


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