being stuck on this prison planet is akin to being a sheep among 7,000,000,000… and there are Shepards – 2 half brothers and their Father fighting with His brother, (like Hatfields & McCoys)… all the 7,000,000,000 sheep are stuck in the midst of their Battle… the sheep being used in their battles as canon fodder… BUT this family squabble is among immortals, where 1 of their years is 3600 of ours… so about 7 months ago Christ was created, 4 months ago the Islam… half hour ago Obama Hussein was Selected…. for the purposes of events to come…

probably an Antediluvian deception: Atlantis is probably called Earth . we are Atlanteans.

|  |   |   |   |     |      |          |               |                 |

Enlil vs. Enki & Marduk Ra

side note: the word Canon… in religion is its fundamental writings, general  law, rules, principles….

everywhere else… it’s a weapon ….

Aristotle & Christ have influenced Man more substantially than any two the last 2400 years……  Plato, Socrates,  Solon,   Voton,   as well.



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