the TV is the program controller. The program is ‘News’ reported in a False Light. The controller produces the content that people consume visually and verbally, and most importantly, they must be made to believe it. A nation | society can be fundamentally transformed by broadcasting a short period of massive deception, lulling the population into bewildered consent. When they eventually realize the Truth, the transformation is already completed.

A substantial portion of the population could share a collection of common values and standards, however, the Controller of the Programming could  confuse the population by broadcasting Lies that depict a contrary reality. This fools the individual into conforming to positions broadcast thru TV that are not in harmony with the collective values and standards. Man is fooled by broadcasting polls that say most people support a certain opinion, position, standard, when reality is otherwise, thereby creating a state where the rulers can foist changes upon a people. The alternative reality espoused as News  is aired in a movie-like experience on the TV, portraying false events and information to manipulate the masses into ‘going along’ with the means to the Controllers’ ends.

December 2015 contains predominant subject matter in TV News that are of a nature perceived to be important, such as world  war, killing, murder, economy, money, prosperity, safety, peace. The TV News broadcasts ‘News’ events that substantially impacts the viewer’s peace, safety, prosperity, then gives the viewer an ‘elected’ representative to watch propose solutions to the orchestrated events. The representatives serve to gauge the general support for various proposed solutions. The end solutions will not benefit the general population, but do purport to prevent  certain events or conduct that for years or  decades prior, were  broadcast on the TV, and were broadcast in a False Light, to deceive the people into a condition or state that is antithetic to a free society.

TV advances an agenda throughout the world faster than mankind has ever seen before. A transformation can occur in years and decades rather than centuries and millenia.

The transformation we are witnessing today does not propel mankind. It depresses mankind and catapults a small ruling class who will own and control Everything.




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