Federal Reserve Notes impact every nation and town in the World. US GOVT is FederalReserve. FedRsrv is US GOVT. Nothing of this scale, Russia Su-24 shot down, happens without FedRsrv-USGOVT-CIA-Pentagon involvement. NOTHING. America has decayed inside, and this BankerCancer spreads to whole Earth….. FedRsrve, USGov, CIA, serPENTdrAGON have destroyed American life. (USGov is NOT American real govt. It is Bank acting like govt) America now a PrisonState captured by Bankers… Now Bank tries to turn the world very ugly. FdRsrvUSGovt CIA serPENTdrAGON is banker operations. As long as you are doing ANY business with a BigBank, YOU fuel your own destruction.


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