it’s important to Note that At The Beginning, there were 13 colonies, who each became a sovereign republic, who then ALL agreed to form a Federation (confederation)… USA CAN NOT BE a nation or country per international law or law of nations, it can at best be a Federation of Republics who join for LIMITED purposes, and the purposes/duties are executed by the federation’s corporation/congress. CORRECT nationality would be “New Yorker” or “Virginian” not American National. Further, if one gives the State & Federal Departments of State NOTICE that he is a State National and US citizen is a deception and impossibility, you now are a man with NO GOVT. Between 1920-1970 the 50 state govts all walked OUT of the Republic De Jure Govt and into a sub corporation of US Inc…. names STATE OF X, COUNTY OF X, TOWN OF X…   There are no longer elected Representatives to represent State Nationals…Taxation Without Representation… You Can Not be held to account for legislative Acts/Statutes when you have no representative there on your behalf. Reps are only representing VOTERS… US citizen VOTERS…. not State Nationals.

US Congress gave US citizens a remedy just before passing the 14th Amendment… 40th Congress Session II Chapter 249, 250. Approved July 27, 1868

The Right To Expatriate from the US (Roman) Corporation…

Consider This: New York “The Empire State” is the British Empire foot-in-the-door to our Republic. British Empire was a result of Roman Empire which is a result of Babylon Empire…. We live in a BS System… Babylonian debt-Slavery System. This system has existed for 6000+  years, (imo millions) and it’s just the colors, costumes, words and minor customs that change, but it is all Babylonian Slavery.

Consider This: There are more lawyers in NY than anywhere (besides D.C. naturally) Developed nations use the Model Penal Code dreamed up by sociopath lawyers in NY. Developed nations use the same BIS, UN, IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve banking cabal system… where the rules are crafted by sociopath lawyers in Albany NY… Trust and Banking Laws in NY, where these banks are Head-Quartered…..

Stop wacking the branches, CUT THE ROOTS…. eliminate NY.

Back to The Beginning for a moment, it is this writers opinion that the US Constitution was a result of: Articles of Confederation were agreed upon, King said to his Esquires (Founding Father Traitors): “hey c’mon guys, there’s enough here for all of us, let’s scrap these Articles and craft a debt-slavery contract and I’ll pull my troops from your soil, and keep giving you money.” So, the US Constitution was created, the Articles of Confederation were ignored, (not repealed). The “Bill of Rights” was created to propagandize  and coerce  the inhabitants into supporting the constitution. The Rights were crafted carefully so they could be debated and opined into extinction when the time was right… the condition in America today (America is 5% of World Population with almost 25% of the World’s Prison Population). The USA (Virginia Corporation) is still owned by London, which is owned by Vatican, which IS THE BEAST.

Stop wacking the branches, CUT THE ROOTS…. eliminate NY.


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