US GOVT is doing Every Thing it can (global warfare) to delay the inevitable – A Reset of Global Economic Dynamics – AKA the US Dollar will be WORTHLESS and major nations (BRICS) will Dictate Finance and Economics….

Translation: Everything  will Double or Quadruple in price, as the US Dollar will be worthless.

US GOVT claims it is attempting to preserve The Dollar & “The American Way of Life”

WTF is that ????

“The American Way of Life” is : Debt, Abortion, Sodomy, Lies, Fraud, Theft, Murder-by-Military (or Police), Video Games, MTV, Pro Sports, Chemtrails, GMO, Fracking, Fluoride, and MOST IMPORTANTLY  – -> “Too Big To Fail” Banks

Since 9/11, a Fascist Oligarchy of Bankers was created in USA. Above-the-Law-Bankers PURCHASING Senators to make laws for it’s benefit, at the expense of the mindless robot Americkens whom do relatively nothing, as they can still afford their perverted food, Lite Beer, cars, trucks, sports tickets, and most importantly – – > Cable TV Internet & Smart phones.


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