Representatives re present those who have elected them. Representatives are representative of what the people Are…. The Evil will persist until the entire population changes their self. Until that happens, the government will be comprised of Evil ones, just like the evil that elected them. Yes, there are some in society whom are not evil, but far far far from enough of them are amongst us. Try living without all the comforts that we refer to as ‘materialism’ and you will experience 2 things. Trials & Tribulations, and then…. a sense of accomplishment and real satisfaction, once you were able to conquer the seduction of comfort. You will most likely be repulsed by modern conveniences and comforts once you realize the Life hidden from us, by the Seductions of Comfort (the Evil One). Gadgets, ProSports, PopCulture, Video Games, Facebook, etc. are the tools of Evil, distracting us from secrets of Life here, and Beyond.


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