disturbing it is, how malevolent, corrupt, dishonest, evil, greedy, selfish, self-centered, destructive, deceptive and abusive the UNITED STATES ‘Government’ (the corporation) as well as many many subsidiary ‘STATE OF ‘ Corp Govts.

To navigate an administrative proceeding, a criminal proceeding, or any other venue wherein One is exposed to Government “officials” with decision-making power…… the Internal Rot is so obvious, and so deep, it shocks the mind, soul and spirit to the very core.

An inhabitant dwelling somewhere between Canada and Mexico, whom complies with seemingly never-ending and all-encompassing Government mandates, is Providing Support for Evil to Torment the entire Earth.

Your Social SECURITY Number is the account number assigned to you, so you can Be OF The World, and more efficiently Provide Support to the Evil.




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