90% of AMERIcans are chiCKENS. A Predator walks right into a chicken coop at nite, Predator takes his time, going chicken to chicken, gnawing on its head til its dead, eating a little brain or blood, then to the next chicken til he’s full.

90% of AMERICKENS think like the chicken in the darkness, “nothing can hurt me.”

These 90+% AMERICKENS think that nothing will ever hurt them, they sit there, still as a night chicken, as the predators gnaw on their heads, and they will just sit there still, til they’re dead. No resistance, not even an attempt to flee or scream….. just sit there and let it happen, as the AMERICKEN next to them is eaten alive….. just sit there.

Many Thanks to the Brave Americans whom try to Wake the AMERICKENS…..

Perhaps the ChemaFluoriGMO-a-Trail-adated effects creates an AMERICKEN


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