Man altered aeons ago. by trespassing beings from elsewhere

Man is a result of a genetic manipulation, yielding a schizophrenic mankind; a mankind with 2 sides to him, good/evil. Hence certain passages in the Bible.

We will never see any “positive” change that will benefit mankind, because we are supporting a form of govern-ment (control-mind) that is designed to Control and Enslave. The genius if it is, They have convinced you that you are not a slave.

Mankind continues to “elect” Rulers who are a Projection of themselves. Therefore, until enough of Us change Our Self…. only when we reach that critical mass…. will there be a “heavenly” sort of change on this planet.

Until then… “the Prudent man Forseeth the Evil, and hideth himself, while the simple pass on and be Punished.”


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