What word scares you more? State or anarchy ???

If you experience more fear hearing ‘Anarchy’ than ‘STATE’, then you are gravely deceived…. to the detriment of Man, Earth, and Our Children (and to the disappointment of Our Creator)

STATE is Govern-Ment (Control-Mind)…. A group of “representatives” (surely uncorrupted) make billions of rules for You to Obey, and if you fail to Obey, You are Punished.

ANARCHY is absence of Mind Control. The caveat is that Each Man & Woman MUST be responsible for Themselves, not displacing that burden of responsibility to the STATE, and in turn, forfeiting countless Freedoms and Liberties.

STATE is a Thug enjoying the Aura of Authority. People are so consumed by Fear that they are incapable of a Life without a Nanny Government Ruling Class….. this disability (utter fear) is the ultimate downfall of Man on this planet.

Do You WANT to “do the right thing” because of Rules created by Politicians ?

Or do you have an other reason to “do the right thing”  ????

Perhaps Government is demanded by People, because they are too lazy to have Morals or Ethics, therefore, Enforcers are necessary, as the People are too lazy to fulfill any alternative.

Simply put, Anarchism means no One is Your Master, and no One is Your Slave.


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