Earth’s Quarantine Veil is Lifted Soon

Man will be Overwhelmed by SHOCK, to learn there exists some Thing so massive,so nefarious, so controlling, so HIDDEN from him, many will perish from exposure to the Information. A Dark Force has been manipulating Man. Consumed by TV, Sports, Politics, Religion, Race, Sex, etc… Man’s attention has been successfully diverted from the Other Worldly controllers in power on Earth today. However, this force is losing its power… rapidly. Are you ready?

Earth has been in Quarantine for Many Many thousands of years. Perhaps 25-50,000 years. It is quarantined to serve as a food source for entities among us, which we are not aware of. These entities are nourished by negative energy, by Fear, suffering, despair, torment, pain, war, poverty, etc.

There is a veil around the Earth that prevents the soul from escaping. The electro-type Veil that envelopes Earth is being eliminated as we speak. Perhaps it is the Ancient Pyramids across the globe that once served as conduits, powering the Veil. Today, the The Cold Dark Ones, Archons, Demons, Djinn,  etc., are attempting to perhaps prevent the elimination of the Veil, using the countless “Cell Phone Towers.” These towers may perhaps serve a nefarious purpose soon, as described in Revelations “No one shall buy or sell with out the mark.”

Earthlings have cousins scattered all across our galaxy. Our cousins are here to remove the Veil, and free us to  experience everything beautiful and miraculous about Life here, as well as abroad. Freedom to Live, Love and pursue Happiness. When the Veil is removed, there will be a disclosure of information which will Shock most men and women to their core, info about us, our history, and our condition.

Almost every element of your life is a result of genius manipulation by the Dark entities. Many would say “That’s BS !” However, if you had infinite Choice, not ‘quarantined’ by Rules Regulations Violations Fees Fines Permits Licenses  Registrations Applications, etc etc…. you may be amidst a Quite different Life Experience.

What if we all tried Being Spiritual as opposed to practicing a religion ??


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