Duality; Good v. Evil; Light v. Dark; Pure v. Toxic; Integrity v. Corruption and Deceit; Warm v. Cold

after One begins to Awake, and concludes that there is a system so diabolic, so immense, so deceitful, so corrupt “running the show” today, how does One effectively separate One’s self from being complicit, and inadvertently contributing to It?

Poll the general public, and most will say “you can’t avoid it.”

Those of devout religious belief will say “I am absolved of any culpability as I can not control that stuff, and I can participate in The System with no extra-terrestrial consequence as long as my heart is in the right place.”

One must search FAR and WIDE and quite DEEP to find a few who take the PainStaking Steps to avoid any amount of complicity, culpability, and/or participation in a system which practices “the Ends justifies the Means”

Those few who take those painstaking steps, seem to have no attachment to Ego…..



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