nothing ‘out’ there will ever change until there is change with ‘in’ ourselves

Wake Up. We are more than a mortal, rent-a-wreck biological body. We are Infinite Spiritual Beings. The ‘Matrix’ was cleverly designed to hide Truth from all of us. We are consumed with petty Worldly obsessions and possessions, meanwhile, there is a gargantuan, mind-blowing reality Out There that we are deprived of.

When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the World will Know Peace.

Darkness controls the Puppets you see on the TV. Turn the TV off !

Evil, Cold, Darkness cleverly installs ideas in your mind using the TV, ultimately manufacturing an opinion for you to act upon when you go vote for the next criminal to be your next master.

If there were Prosperity everywhere, Love would become inevitable. War, Crime, Suffering, Despair would all become Extinct. It is in the interests of the criminals we elect to perpetuate poverty, which results drug addiction, crime, and creates their excuse for a Police-Prison State.

Poverty is a manufactured State or Condition of Existence. The STATE makes policy that creates Poverty.

Mankind has been lied to by its controllers for Thousands of Years.  Almost everything we are taught in Department of Education Camps is all Lies designed to control us; make Obedient Workers and Taxpayers out of us; for Their Benefit.


ASK THEM WHY America has the highest incarceration rate on Earth?

ASK THEM WHY American Industry has been exported to China in less than 20 years?

ASK THEM WHY is America fighting and killing in so many foreign lands?

ASK THEM WHY is a Private Corporation, The Federal Reserve, controlling American Currency and Banking?

ASK THEM WHY do these Private men (Federal Reserve) gain MASSIVE profits at the Expense of Americans?


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