The trend of Arms (or control of) in America will lead One to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (or the absence of)

There are 50 States of the Union. There are 5 states (10% of the Union) CA, MA, NY, HI, NJ, IL, where you find the most restrictive controls of Arms owned by The People. There are other characteristics of these 5 states that show a disturbing trend with regard to controlling Arms. I will let you contemplate that and come to your own conclusions. I would like to predict the state of these states after the inevitable collapse of the state of our Union. These state governments, who’s conduct demonstrates their arrogant position on controlling People’s Natural Right to protect their own Being or State of Being, will become Capitols of Criminal Wasteland. Since WWII, the availability and volume of private Arms owned by peaceful, lawful men and women in these states has been dramatically decreased. This creates a vacuum filled by criminal elements whom seek to prey on the UnArmed. These State Governments, proudly so, have unarmed its own people, for no Real, Tangible Purpose other than Political Rhetoric and an Ideology akin to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Hirohito, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. There exists no Real, Truthful Evidence that taking Arms from the common man curtails any crime. In fact, if one could dis cover the stats in NY State after it introduced Article 265, its gun-control Penal Code (ban) in the 1960’s, one sees the DRAMATIC affect: Victims of Violent Crime increased every year for 15 years to the tune of a 250% INCREASE after side arms, small arms were banned.   One could possibly conclude that a person lobbying, arguing, demanding “gun control” is in fact pushing for more Crime, more Victims, more Government, less freedom, less safety, less security; it’s almost as if the gun control advocate secretly hates his community and fellow citizens.


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